Live on Italian TV: Video of Carlsberg Foundations’ efforts to combat COVID-19

The informative video of Carlsberg Foundations’ 3.4 million euro donation​ towards combatting COVID-19, will be broadcast​ live on Italian TV channel Discovery Media NOVE.


The informative video of Carlsberg Foundations’ 3.4 million euro donation​ towards combatting COVID-19, will be broadcast​ live on Italian TV channel Discovery Media NOVE.​

The commercial will be live every day from 14 April to 25 April 2020.

NOVE ("nine" in English) is broadcast for free all over the country. It will run on Italian TV Channel 9 and is scheduled to live stream on the official website.

"We are happy to promote the Carlsberg Foundation, the New Carlsberg Foundation and the Tuborg Foundation's efforts to mobilize and support researchers, art museums and civil society at this challenging time," says Alexandros Karafillides, Carlsberg Italy Managing Director.

The commercial has been selected for a project by Discovery Media Italy to thank companies for their efforts to fight COVID-19. The COVID-19 outbreak in Italy is extremely severe. Nowadays, like in many other countries all over the world, extraordinary measures have been taken to limit contagions. In light of experts' assessments that another wave of the epidemic may come this fall, it is urgent to invest in targeted research to prevent us from repeating a situation as serious as the one we are in now.

Big, medium and small enterprises, along with financial institutions and foundations are donating large sums to help governments, health institutions and research. The Carlsberg foundations' donation has not gone unnoticed. Thanks to the commercial, Italian viewers will have the opportunity to know about the donation from the Carlsberg foundations and how it will be used.

Watch the video below.